The Year of the revolution I had to take Action. (beamishgirl) wrote in the_pretenders,
The Year of the revolution I had to take Action.

Pack it Up!

at the last possible second i decided to take my chances and see if i could score a scalped ticket to the pretenders show at irving plaza last night...

and yes, i was victorious.

so at around 7:30 pm after spending the day with papa and having taxes done, a yummy polish soul food lunch of pierogies, potato pancakes, and borscht, my father yelling at me (he's still a teensy bit crotchety after the surgery, but is healing nicely despite his lack of patience) i decided to hit the atm, slap on some chapstick, and jump in the car and head over to the city.

made it into the city at record time (about 45 minutes) parked across the street from irving, and tried to scope out some tix.

i must say the bouncers were super nice at irving plaza, checking to see if there were any "will call" tix that were left unclaimed at the box office while managing the crowd and not being nasty.

i ended up buying a tix from a 55-ish man who kept claiming "i'm not an asshole, i'm not a scalper, blah blah blah...."

i scoped him out for about 20 minutes, watched him sell a tix to another woman before me, and made sure she got in the venue without difficulty.

i missed the opening act (yay!) and timed it perfectly so that i only had to wait maybe 20 min. before chrissie and the boys hit the stage.

i'm soooo glad i gave in to my impulsive nature because ms. hynde opened the show with "pack it up" a slightly more obscure track from the second album.

it definately was a show designed for fans since she played "day after day", and TWO TRACKS FROM THE EP!!!!! "Cuban Slide" and "Porcelian". I thought i would have to go to my grave never hearing "Cuban Slide" live, but now I can live a long fullfilling life after hearing "Slide" live and dancing my ass off.

Other songs (not found on the 80s singles compilation which most of the posers in the audience seemed familar with) were "the Wait" and "Thumbilina" off of "Learing to Crawl."

She ended the second encore with "Message of Love" (my fave song of all time) and "Brass in Pocket" of course.

So this looks like it's the last Pretenders tour, ever!!!

I urge you all to get off your asses and get to a show.

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