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The Pretenders fan community


The Pretenders Fan Community
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t h e p r e t e n d e r s

This is a community for fans of the music of The Pretenders and Chrissie Hynde. If you're a fan, please join.

Yeah, they suck, but they're not hard to follow.
1) Don't be an ass. No personal attacks. Take that to an email or something. I won't tollerate it in the community. Also, don't do anything to disrespect anyone's privacy. That's not cool at all
2) I don't care if you cuss. Lord knows I have a mouth that would make a sailor blush, so it doesn't bug me. Please, just don't use profanity as an insult to someone.
3) When posting a large picture, use the LJ cut tag, which is <*lj-cut*>insert whatever here<*/lj-cut>. Remove the *s though!
4) Don't hotlink. Hotlinking makes the Baby Jesus cry.
5) No spamming, please.
6) Promoting is okay, as long as what you are promoting relates to The Pretenders or music in some way. No "Homaguh rate my pics lolz!!11!1one!1" communities. Put that shit away, dude. Those posts will be deleted automatically.
7) Keep it all in good fun. Please.

And, fill this out in your intro post (if you post one of those), if you wish...

Name (optional, but feel free to provide a nickname or something):
Age (again, optional):
Favorite Pretender:
Favorite Pretenders Song:
Favorite Pretenders Album:
How long have you been a fan of The Pretenders?
Ever seen them (or Chrissie, or someone from the band) in concert?
Other musical favorites besides The Pretenders?
Picture of yourself, if you wanna post one:

Thanks, and have fun! Any questions, feel free to ask.

Kate (katieramone) xx

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Interested in affiliating? email moderndaymystery [at] gmail.com with "affiliates" in the subject line, and I'll check it out.